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Cubitex is an international investment company that provides individuals and legal entities with the service of trust management of funds and securities. The client‘s funds are transferred to a professional manager with their subsequent use on the main trading platforms: Forex market, securities, cryptocurrency market, alternative investments (precious metals, oil products, plant products and other). Our employees are highly qualified specialists and professionals with extensive experience in the field of investment and trading. Asset management is carried out on an individual strategy for each client. A distinctive feature of the company Cubitex: minimum starting amount for opening an investment account; the investment portfolio includes more than 250 assets; staff of qualified managers and traders; continuous innovation and new asset management strategies; high quality, crisis-sustainable strategies, constant risk management; We invite you to join our team and partners who have chosen Cubitex as a priority investment portal. 256-bit SSL encryption throughout the site to prevent identity theft. Our team of experienced traders is constantly improving their trading skills. The security of client funds is ensured by keeping them in segregated accounts. Get the maximum profit from each transaction on more than 250 assets.

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